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‘Understanding Progress, in Science and Beyond’ is a three-year project based at the University of Iceland. The main objectives of this project are (i) to develop and evaluate a novel understanding-based account of scientific progress, and (ii) to explore the prospects for extending this account to philosophical progress. For more details see here.

The project is led by Finnur Dellsén (University of Iceland), the project’s Principal Investigator (PI), and Insa Lawler (UNC Greensboro), the project’s Co-Investigator (Co-I). James Norton joined the project as the Post-doctoral Fellow in January 2020.

The project involves the following international collaborators: Alexander Bird (KCL), Henk de Regt (Radboud University Nijmegen), Catherine Elgin (Harvard), Alison Hills (Oxford), Milena Ivanova (Cambridge), Kareem Khalifa (Middlebury), Ilkka Niiniluoto (Helsinki), Daniel Stoljar (ANU), and Michael Strevens (NYU).For more details see here.